Some Fire Music

I’m always sending my friends music I find surfin thru the net, now I’m deciding to post a couple of my personal favs right here for the world to hear.

You’re welcome.


I’m Kinda A Hater fuck it tho

Earlier this year someone music opinion I really trust posted a song by the name of white iverson. When I first decided to click upon the song I thought to myself “eh this aight, i guess his musical opinion ain’t all that good”. Then i went upon my twitter timeline & i see an article by complex stating this may be the hardest song to drop of 2015…

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If you know me personally you know i’m mad cheap(broke) & while being broke thru the years I’ve found new ways to get more bang for my buck, such as sample sales, free parties, and free open bar parties.

I present to you the Cheap Monday sample sale :

discount city

This is one of the sample sales i’ve been going to religiously over the years & it never disappoints, so if you’re trying to step your wardrobe up for the low i’ll suggest hitting here before it ends this saturday.

The Hardest Song To Drop This Week

Actually this song dropped last week but it’s only monday & nothing fire dropped yet so this carried over.

You ever just look at a song name, features, and producer,& you think “damn this could either be really fire or just plain garbage no in between”? That’s how i felt when I saw “5 Mo Feat. Travis Scott & Lil Durk(prod. by TM808) – French Montana”. Good thing it was the former.

Last Dying Hope

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