Rich Gang 2 Tha mixtape is never coming out

Let’s let that sink in a bit bro.

ex hubbies gazing into each other’s eyes

Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug are a dynamic duo & it’s such a shame to see them part ways. How could Thugger go from calling Rich Homie his hubbie to calling him bitch homie quan, that’s mad mean I wouldn’t call my hubbie bitch homie quan (no homo).

Not only did he call him that he hurt rich homie quan feelings bro he made him feel some type of way.

skip to 6:30 or you could watch the whole thing its a very insightful interview

aside from all that drama let’s talk about the MUSIC


& did you hear the rich gang leaks back from December? SHIT IS BEAUTIFUL, how could you take that away from us dawg. How could you give us a promise with a preview of what’s in store n just never ever put out, that’s mad fucked up son.

listen to this shit son:

How could you hear those tracks & not be distraught that a full project isn’t being released? These niggas need to get it together


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