Fergie & ASAP Ferg Are Acrobats

World Class Gymnasts

Not only do these two share the same name, these motherfuckers are great performers.

Lets watch this clip of fergie doing two consecutive front flips WHILE SINGING.

I don’t think there’s any reason her old ass should  be doing front flips, but she executed those shits Beautifully.

Let’s not forget about the time ASAP Ferg almost bust his ass while performing & turned the mishap into a crisp barrel roll. How many people could execute that on the fly? Only people named Ferg that’s who.


My Bitch Can’t Braid Nobody hair

a nigga tryna fuck ya queen

You must be out ya mind if you think you can be out here braiding random niggas hair. Like niggas ain’t hear the Braid My Hair song son.

NO reason she should be using your hands to make any other nigga to feel alright!

A Legend & yo bitch

& y’all ever heard hairbraider by R. kelly??? Ya must think I’m stupid son. He casually saying “I’m doing my hair braider” He barely even talking about his hair getting braided! Talking bout the style gon take all night? FOH Nigga, you better get ya aunty to braid ya hair! Talking bout “She can’t take me on the weekday cus her man be tweaking”, only way you braiding anyone hair is if I’m there supersvising.

(Side note: This song is actually MAD good, and a great song to fuck a nigga bitch to)

We not fucking with the 2015 XXL Freshman list | by @Jondonn

This is the worst XXL Freshmen class so far.  Last year’s list was pretty weak but this year’s class is Nyquil. Which artist are you excited for on this list? We have Fetty Wap, Dej Loaf, Raury, KIDD KIDD (son..), OG Maco, Shy Glizzy, Goldlink, K Camp, Vince Staples and Tink. Lets see what we have going on here.

A very weak class

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It’s Only Right That I Post About Prada Mane

A Prophet

My Boy Prada dropped his tape on June 1st. Now i’m not shamelessly plugging him in cus he’s my mans (okay i’m lying), but this nigga music is actually mad fire! I’m not even Lying!

These are personal favorites from the this piece of art :

this shit is beautfiul

this shit MAD HARD!

Stream the full tape here : https://soundcloud.com/prada-mane/sets/prada-debt-1

Chief Keef Raises An Important Question We Should All Be Asking Ourselves

I cannot tell you why I decided to listen to Chief Keef’s “Sorry 4 the Weight” tape, but I damn sure don’t regret it. The first song is “WWYD” and this shit son…. this song is magical boss. First Chief Keef gives us a heartfelt interview describing his love for his hometown, then the beat starts. Boy just  the way this shit just begins, you can tell this shit bout to hit your soul.

A man with an important question for you

A man with an important question for you

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