We Have To Stop Idris Elba Before It’s Too Late

Idris Elba is doing whatever the fuck he wants to do & it’s starting to make me look bad.

a man who must be stopped

First & foremost this nigga is ENGLISH it took me mad long to realize this son, that’s how great of a fucking actor he is. I’m watching episodes of the wire thinking this nigga is USA born & raised.

Aside from being a fucking drug dealer,┬átryna steal all the dark skin women I know hearts, being James Bond in the upcoming movie, & looking like my 4th grade teacher I ain’t really fuck with, THIS NIGGA RAPPING NOW! & HE FUCKING KILLED THIS SHIT!

This makes absolutely no sense to me, so the only conclusion I can come to is that we stop this nigga before it’s too late for us y’all. Only one man can help us put an end to this dude, and that’s my man Denzel Washington.



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