I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Because holy shit a million Young Thug songs leaked and you don’t got time to listen to a million songs. I did the work for you, because I’m the homie and I fuck with y’all. This list is not necessarily the best songs of the leak, but the songs I’m guessing would have been on a next project of Young Thug’s (so kind of the best songs, but I may or may not have forgot your favorite cuts from the leak.) Anyway, read my brief reviews of each song and download the file below and enjoy. Merry Bhristmas. DOWNLOAD

Beat it 

The chorus is too infectious to not fuck with. Would have definitely been on the album.

Draw down
This shit is too flames. Also he said “I like my bitch brown like a motherfuckin boot”. How that’s not gonna make the album ?
One of the most energetic joints on this whole leak. Various flows for your various hoes.
Get that money 
Ugh, such a beautiful delivery for a timeless message: fuck a hater muhfucka get that money .
Mama in sorry 
Arguably the best song in the bunch. This track displays the mastery of Thuggers tones and singing ability. He understands his power now, and mama I’m sorry is him when he focuses it.
Pass me the lighter 
 “Yea mooonnn, yeaaa mooon, aye mon, hey monnnnn!”
If you didn’t 
I don’t know, it seems the most radio ready. It’s a good song and TI kills every single feature he had on a young thug song. The hook is kind of corny but the drop is worth it.
If I were a betting man: this would have been the first single . It has the same simple melodic recipe that make “check” so effective. Add a scar face quote to the mix and you got a banger.
Running out of money 
Another TI blessed scorcher.
Love me
For the bitches. But thugger says “I still show love to my brothers, I still sleep with my mother” and if that ain’t the realist shit you ever heard then I don’t know.
Oh lord 

This made the list because the beat is probably the most fire by itself, and we need 808 mafia on the album somewhere .

Because of me
Almost didn’t make the cut because of Birdman. BUT song is still flames regardless. Has the same kind of message as Drake’s “Take a shot” but with Thugger blessing all but one verse.
Count up
ANOTHER FUCKIN BIRDMAN FEATURE. Song is still flames and birdman is actually a lot more ambitious with his flow on this one so it makes the cut.
Got my mind right
Beat fire. Hook Fire. Flows fire. The bass on this shit is stupid. It just belongs on a body of work.
This shit reminds me of Vybz Kartel. The autotuned splashed hook sounds like he’s reaching for this beautiful bad bitch that he can’t reach, and it’s a tragedy, but you’re getting too turnt to care about Thugger’s struggles. That’s his gift and curse. T’fuck am I even talking about?
Should I “Should” I is real sing songy. It sounds like something that woulda been realll popular in like 2008-2009ish. It’s still fire. The guitar strings are well placed, and the hook is so capturing. You want to learn the words as soon as you hear this shit.
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