Chief Keef Raises An Important Question We Should All Be Asking Ourselves

I cannot tell you why I decided to listen to Chief Keef’s “Sorry 4 the Weight” tape, but I damn sure don’t regret it. The first song is “WWYD” and this shit son…. this song is magical boss. First Chief Keef gives us a heartfelt interview describing his love for his hometown, then the beat starts. Boy just  the way this shit just begins, you can tell this shit bout to hit your soul.

A man with an important question for you

A man with an important question for you

Mr. Keef comes in with some soulful vocals, and immediately goes into his very important question “What would you do?”. Sosa lays out a list of scenarios such as, “if you left your tool & you know that you snooze, what would you do?” , “I’m rolling with my tool, I’m in a bad mood what would you do?”, & “The cops behind you & you making big moves, what would you do?” just to name a few.  So ask yourself, what would you do? Shit , I don’t even know what I would do.

Aside from the important question, we just have to appreciate how great this song is sonically. The beat is amazing, Sosa is singing his heart out, & this nigga is fucking scatting on the track! When’s the last time you heard some scatting on a song that wasn’t jazz?? NEVER THAT’S WHEN!

So I just want you guys to listen to this song & ask your self, What would you do?


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