My Bitch Can’t Braid Nobody hair

a nigga tryna fuck ya queen

You must be out ya mind if you think you can be out here braiding random niggas hair. Like niggas ain’t hear the Braid My Hair song son.

NO reason she should be using your hands to make any other nigga to feel alright!

A Legend & yo bitch

& y’all ever heard hairbraider by R. kelly??? Ya must think I’m stupid son. He casually saying “I’m doing my hair braider” He barely even talking about his hair getting braided! Talking bout the style gon take all night? FOH Nigga, you better get ya aunty to braid ya hair! Talking bout “She can’t take me on the weekday cus her man be tweaking”, only way you braiding anyone hair is if I’m there supersvising.

(Side note: This song is actually MAD good, and a great song to fuck a nigga bitch to)


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