Drake Is Taking Over The World & No One Is Paying Attention | Words by @yourboy4riend

the takeover is imminent

the takeover is imminent

listen i’m not even gonna give you an introduction because these are words that need to be direct and straight to the dome upon reading. drake has become more than music now. more than acting, more than cameos, more than the memes. this man has infiltrated niggas actual lives. drake fans are a completely different breed of fan, they actually be feeling the same way he do. like they dated nebby, like they knew how tammy got that purple bentley, like they slept on that girl’s floor (or was that another girl, idk that nigga be on sleeping on the floor a lot he got pressure on him). that kind of energy transference is spooky man, it’s like drake has become an emotion, people be in the house feeling drake. be calling off work with take care playing quietly in the background.

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DS2 Album Review | words by @babyboyru #futurehive


*clears throat* I just wanna clarify, I never planned on writing this….

but the lord moving thru me.

It’s been over a week now since the proverbial return of Christ and the resurgence of the new scripture of which we should abide. So I thought enough time has passed for me to be able to give you my take on each chapter in this biblical work we have come to know as Dirty Sprite 2.


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The Weeknd’s Been Wylin Out

A Malicious man

The Weeknd has been doing any & everything he wants & he’s getting out of control.

At first when I was introduced to this nigga I think “Oh wow, a mysterious r&b nigga, I fucks with mysterious r&b” & all his lyrics about doing a bunch of drugs & not caring about women feelings seemed pretty cool. Here I thought to myself “Wow, he seems like a great guy with music I relate to”, I was super wrong.

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Drake’s Forgery & Meek Mill’s Album Link

friends… how many of us have them?

I remember I was younger & I’d watch these klondike bar commercial. Niggas taking bites & being sent to vacations in the alpas,  & I’m thinking “god damn this shit gotta be lit” some ice cream extravaganza shit. Then ya moms finally get one for you, & it’s fucking mint. Got me so fucking tight. Mint. Who the fuck eats mint candy??? That’s how I feel about this Drake situation, Drake was that klondike bar no homo.

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Sus Rap Lyrics

Aight. This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a minute now. I keep hearing these songs with these blatantly sus lines & no one seems to be noticing. First off I want to give a lil shoutout to UnintentionalGayRapLyrics for being the first site I came across that’s really calling out these rappers on their susness.

Captain sus # 1

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