Why Sremmlife Is Album Of The Year Thus Far | Words by @AkeemSumthing

Album Of The Year

So yo, I’m going to try to keep this brief but Rae Srremmurd’s ‘SremmLife’ album is 2015’s album of the year so far. I remember hearing ‘No Flex Zone’ thinking “Ok, this is cool but how long will it last?”



Then came the bad bitches friendly ‘No Type’. I was still a little skeptical. Most new artist don’t ever get to drop their debut albums as quick as this one came out even after having such big hits in the clubs as those two singles but I’m pretty sure Mike Will Made It knew what he was dealing with & said “NO! We’re going drop this album right got damn now!” & on that day the Atlanta super producer opened up my eyes to a whole other world I’ve been missing out on for quite some time now. Being in your 20’s you begin to really take having responsibilities to a whole new level. Tend to forget about all of the fun shit you & your friends did in high school. This SremmLife album changed all of that.

To the miserable cats going to work on that packed ass train at 8 o’clock in the morning, this album is for you! To homie who had a problem respecting the curve & still does, get ya tape deck ready! 11 tracks of pure heart bounding, energy rocking, no choice but to move your shoulders & tap your feet music. This shit made me feel like a kid again. I get so excited hearing Lit Like Bic! How does one start an album with such an amazing track?! Did I mention there’s only four features? Jace of Two-9 floated on ‘Unlock The Swag’, Young Thug closed out ‘Throw Some Mo’ perfectly with help from Nicki Minaj & Big Sean was perfect for the “Look at me now bitch! We made it!” Anthem ‘YNO’ (Young Niggas On). This album is a jam packed no fucks given/have a good time/leave your worries at home/feel good, best 45 minutes & 32 seconds anyone could spend listening to music.

Side note: Major, major, major shout out to Slim Jimmy for going to the 2015 BET Awards in a Ralph Lauren Polo robe. I can’t make this up people. Iconic shit at its finest.

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