Let’s Take This Time To appreciate Dj Khaled’s Shenaningans

An Idiot

Son for years this nigga has been doing the most and I honestly don’t know how we let him rock for so damn long.

I’m gonna give a brief countdown of the nonsense this motherfucker has been doing

1. this nigga claimed he shut down the whole itunes for a trash ass single

delusional young man

2. when he proposed to nicki minaj

3. ruining multiple songs with an unneeded intro

4. this unnecessarily long video celebrating Hold You Down being # 1 on the urban charts

5. This is just unacceptable

6. telling this woman she’s smart & loyal and giving her only 50k to buy multiple homes for her family, so he’s obviously horrible at math

7. suffering from garbage ass album sales

A Flop

& that’s just the tip of the iceberg, i was gonna go into some research but i’m pretty sure it’s too long for me to lay it all out. I’m also pretty sure he has way more time to embarrass himself in his career.


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