This Future Listening Party Let Us Down

Yesterday was supposed to be an amazing day for Future fans everywhere. SOBS(Sounds Of Brazil) in the West Village of NYC hosted a free listening party for Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 (DS2). I awoke from my slumber at around 1pm, I scrolled to my group chat found an RSVP email To S.O.B.‘s.event. Being a Future fan, since the moment he dropped the corny pop shit and gave the streets three mixtapes that made the pavement melt This was great news. I don’t know about a lot of people but to me this was a fucking big deal. I get to witness Future Vandross reveal his Album days before its release… and its only Tuesday. I immediately RSVP’d and told my girl that more important events would be taking place within the hours of the time I promised to see her.

Future Hendrix

Future Hendrix

I waited patiently for my confirmation, which was to come to me by 5pm. The RSVP instructions were extremely specific, I had till 3pm to RSVP and they would confirm by 5. Of course they show would take place at 6, and my confirmation would come at 5:30 (Bad sign numero uno).

Now I live about an hour from the city by car and about an hour and a half by train. Guess what I did, I drove. I bobbed and weaved through cars hoping I could make this trip 45 minutes. Nigga felt like speed racer in my whoopty (nyoooom). I arrive and found parking on the same block as the spot, great job right? Hell fucking naw cost me 3.50 for an hour and I could only stay there for one hour, and the show didn’t even start (By this point baby Jesus is in my ear telling me go the fuck home call your girl and beg for the pussy back.)

I arrive to the line and SQUAA standing in the front of a line that stretched around the corner, I hop right up in the front and got in in 5 minutes. Now I kid you not I was inside by 6:45 and the show didn’t start till about 8.  That means ya boy had to leave the show and move my car 2 times to put another 3.50 in the fucking meter (These two times when I moved my car  was my lord and savior telling me to drive home, you know me I ain’t hear him).

Now here’s the set up at S.O.B.’s these mother fuckers got two gigantic pillars on opposite sides of the stage thus blocking the hosts , which no one cared for, and Future Balboa. On this special occasion, Hot 97, decided to have a section for employees on one side, food on another, and chairs for V.I.Ps right smack dab in the middle. This not only obstructed the sight of the stage but it took up so much space that everyone was on top of each other. The moment Ebro and Laura Stylez, came out all I could do was pray that they stay on a side where I couldn’t see them because if not I would not be able to see Future. (Here at this moment, my son Jesus logged out and the Devil logged in). These motherfuckers gon sit on the side that I needed Future to be on so I could see the diamonds jump out the face. Future comes sits on the couch, and proceeds to answer some pointless interview questions, but one recurring theme was that he was doing it for the fans, which many of us appreciated. So as we waited for the moment for future to drop new heat he proceeded to lead his fans on with music that could be found on previous mixtapes.

The first thing they play is Trap Niggas, which can be found on the mixtape 56 nights hosted by DJ Esco the coolest DJ on the mother fucking planet.  He also played Real Sisters, which can be found on the tape Beast mode. At this point fans became angry at the fact that these songs are already out. The next step was the interview portion another pointless spectacle. Questions that stood out was if him and Meek Mill will collaborate on an album. The jersey nigga who asked it received so much backlash it was apparent he was there for the free wings and fries (Courtesy of the good folks at Hot 97).  He was asked what were his favorite projects, one of them being the Never End Remix, featuring Kelly Rowland.

future confused by stupid ass questions

future confused by stupid ass questions

When the questions seemed to lack that fire that Ebro was looking for he proceeded to ask some of his own. Ebro asked what he thought about “Someone”, saying all Atlanta Rappers sound the same, being the real nigga that Future is he needed to know who said it. When it was revealed that ASAP Rocky said it, he responded with a “I gotta talk to Rocky about that. Ebro also asked about Future’s idea of his career. Future stated that he had many number one records on the radio from Hold You Down to Buggati, and he achieved no awards. He went on to say that he should have stayed in the trap lane before going to pop, Which is why he dropped those amazing mixtapes. Laura Stylez even brought up the fact that Future and OG Maco squashed the beef that started on twitter. When asked about it, (You know how real niggas do) Future refused to comment he said, “Whatever we spoke about is between us, and we cool”.

When asked about features, Future stated that the only feature on the album was Drake, and it was a last minute thing he sent him the track, and drake hopped on and it was finished the following day.  And thus the “listening party” continued, We got to indulge in the banger, Fuck up Some Commas, which is also on his album. The one new song that was played off the album was Blow A Bag which came out 3 days before the event, and too Futures surprise, we all knew the track. His comment on that fact was, “that’s love”

Future Legendary

Future Legendary

Ebro then attempts to close the show, but the crowd of attendees are not satisfied, we came for new Future. Fans, now annoyed due to the lack of new music, began to scream and shout, until, Ebro says, “Lets get into that March Madness for the Fans”. How simple it was to please us, like being stuck on a deserted island with nothing but sand and ocean as far as the eye can see, but over the horizon, the crowd saw a ship, not just any ship, the ship named March Madness. Its captain, None other than Future Hendrix, and he came to rescue us. But something was wrong, The engine, which fueled this ship, The DJ, didn’t have March Madness. The anger that was instilled within the crowd made even Ebro, the First mate, turn on his engine and say “How do you not have March Madness”. Like lamb to the slaughter the crowd devoured the DJ while he attempted to find a solution with nothing but devastation in his eyes. The only thing that calmed the riots was the angelic sound of Future’s intro “Dress it up and make it real for me”. Thus ending the listening party where we listened to all of futures hits that many of us owned. I started to regret My travel to S.O.B’s until I realized it was cool experience and hearing what Future felt about not getting the proper accolades for all of his achievements made me think about the things that I want to accomplish within my lifetime. “We are defined by opportunities, even the ones we do not take advantage of”

– A.C.


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