Ghostface Killah Calls Out Action Bronson In The Best Way Possible

Legendary Status

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week son. Ya mans Ghostface Killah finally decided to call Bronson out on his bullshit, and in the best way possible.

Let me break down why this video is so great son. This nigga has a 6 min video of him threatening Bronson as Teddy Pendergrass’ ‘Be For Real” blares in the backrgound, in a random ass living room boss. My nigga really has the perfect setting for ever calling anyone out. Then this nigga proceeds to rip Bronson’s “Fat Funky Ass” Apart by saying he stole his style, & even goes as far to threatens to “hang you[Bronson] from a fucking rope & gut you like a pig” while Teddy sings so elegantly in the background. Settings like this don’t happen without the proper planning, but I can tell that Ghost did this effortlessly in one take.

Why Bronson was getting ahead of himself & decided to come at the legendary Ghostface Killah is truly beyond me, but I’m glad he decided to make this random death wish. Watching the video & just the way Ghost talks about getting niggas to handle him you know he’s dead ass serious son.

I know you’re tired of me just describing the video, so watch it below :

Of course your mans had to apologize for his actions, he knew Ghostface was going to bring him bodily harm


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