Sus Rap Lyrics

Aight. This is a post I’ve been thinking about for a minute now. I keep hearing these songs with these blatantly sus lines & no one seems to be noticing. First off I want to give a lil shoutout to UnintentionalGayRapLyrics for being the first site I came across that’s really calling out these rappers on their susness.

Captain sus # 1

Let’s start this list off pretty simple with the king of susness at the moment, Young Thug. This man is already going around calling his boys “hubbies” & “lovers”, rocking nail polish, and rocking dresses so the fact that this man saying some sus(nah it’s kinda just gay) shit on the track doesn’t surprise me one bit. Let’s take a listen below :

skip to 0:48 “Fuck nigga tripping, I’ll get prison and fuck your father

Honestly this line is just so damn sus I don’t even know what he’s really trying to tell me. Wtf does “I’ll get prison” even mean? It doesn’t matter because right after that this man threatens to have sexual intercourse with my pops b. That’s just un acceptable my friend, I’m not with that at all.

Max B my nigga, I hate it had to be him 😦

Son, If you know me personally you’d know that Max b is hands down one of my favorite artists of all time next to Prince(he’s the #1 king of sus of all time) & R. Kelly. It saddens me how effortlessly this man weaves in this sus ass line into the track. It was like some lowkey confession that no one was really supposed to hear.

skip to 2:45 “I’m a fan on the low, I like dudes”

The thing is, before he blurted out this random ass line ya mans was flowing with the most serious threats you can hear from a nigga.

“Niggas saying Harlem ain’t hot, don’t get popped
Nigga our gun talk
Cop drops from cocaine rocks
Gun spark, Glock cocked, brought it from Bangkok
Turn your man into a Hulkamania tanktop (Damn)”

then boom… “I’m a fan on the low, I like dudes”. It don’t even correlate with the image he was tryna convey before. I literally can’t fathom what he was trying to do while writing this line down.

*sidenote: this song is still hard as fuck*

smh… soulja boy

Honestly, I got nothing against this man. I MEAN this is the man that gave us Zan w/ That Lean part 2(which lowkey sparked a wave of music, I ain’t gon go into that) & Gucci Bandana!! But I dead need an explanation for this why he just randomly let the world know about his relationship with Zaytoven.

skip to 0:38 “See Zaytoven that’s my nigga, I’ve been fucking him forever

what’s going on soulja?

Animal Connoisseur

Bet you ain’t think French Montana would be on this list, did ya? Shit, I wish he wasn’t on here because right now he the only nigga putting on for NYC. This man might possibly have the most sus, head scratching lyric on this list.

skip to 1:23 “Got me squatting like a nigga on D, BACKSHOTS NIGGA IT’S THE M-O-B”

I’m really at loss for words on this one. I tried to make some excuses for this line in my head y’know. Like squatting like a nigga on D is obviously talking about defense in basketball, right? Maybe he’s in a shootout and squatting while he’s ducking fire? He shot his enemy in the back? Yeah, I’m gonna go with that, it’s the only way it makes sense.

He surprised at his own damn lyric.

Last but not least I’ll just give y’all the most well known sus lyric in the world from none other than, The Notorious B.I.G. I don’t even think I have to say what it is, but I will.

skip to 0:17 “You Look so good, I’ll suck on your daddy’s dick”

You know how I said French Montana had the most sus line? I lied. This is obviously the most sus line I’ve ever heard in a rap song ever. Never have I ever thought a woman look so good, that I wanted to make any advances towards her father. Her mother? Yeah, they usually get it from they mama. Her pops?? HELL NO! Ya mans Biggie was living life too wild boss.

Like lets break this down :

  • he found this beat and wrote this lyric
  • he went to the studio and recorded this lyric
  • everyone in the studio heard him record this lyric
  • his label heard this lyric with the final product of the album
  • the label released this album with this lyric on it for the entire world to hear
  • people bought this album and probably learned the words and sang along to this lyric with him at shows (i’m not sure it’s a possibility I was too young to really know)

I really don’t get why biggie would go that far to let a woman know she’s fine, but honestly I really wanna see the woman he was talking about.


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