Drake’s Forgery & Meek Mill’s Album Link

friends… how many of us have them?

I remember I was younger & I’d watch these klondike bar commercial. Niggas taking bites & being sent to vacations in the alpas,  & I’m thinking “god damn this shit gotta be lit” some ice cream extravaganza shit. Then ya moms finally get one for you, & it’s fucking mint. Got me so fucking tight. Mint. Who the fuck eats mint candy??? That’s how I feel about this Drake situation, Drake was that klondike bar no homo.

Was courtney from hooters on peach tree really the one to complete him? Does he really even love and save strippers? Who is drake?

Meek The Mill & Shad Moss

This is what the quite flustered meek mill decided to let go tonight on twitter.
That drake doesn’t write his own raps? Bro its a whole generation of niggas who about to lose they icon over this. Apparently meek mill is upset with drake because he didn’t tweet his album link (We’ve seen this before).
So he decided to tell the world drake doesn’t write his raps, nor did he even write his lit ass rico verse. According to OG maco, the ghost writer goes by the name Quentin Miller. And is supposedly responsible for “all those hits” we love & adore.
Is Meek Mill just being a jealous bird cus his album ain’t sell 535,000 in 3 days, or is he really out here just giving out the facts?
I guess we gon’ see.
– M.C.

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