SisQó: A Sus Boy Pioneer | Words by @remdelarem

Watsup y’all its Rembrandt Duran here aka Jimmy Vega aka Ricky Ticky Tan aka ya girlfriend’s favorite designer. Today I’m here to talk to you about my lord and savior, Mark Althavean Andrews, better known as Mr. Walks On Bitches, SisQó Christ.

SisQó Christ

SisQó Christ

SisQó is not only the greatest singer of all times ever in life, not only the greatest dancer of all times ever in life (have y’all ever seen the SisQó stomp???? ok then), but he is the leader and pioneer of the Sus Boy movement. SisQó has been at the forefront of progressive fashion trends since the year 1999. He fought these gender norms in what was considered “acceptable” for men to wear as far as hair styles, piercings, tattoos and clothing in general. Pretty much our king SisQó was out here with the sus boy heat, way before we even knew what he meant when he was sangin about kissin them lips under her navel my guy.



Who else you know could rock the fuckin belly button tattoo and still be in a DMX video laying upside down on the hood of a car with a bad bitch sittin on him? He was wearing iced out charm bracelets and had the eyebrow piercing giving us Butch Queen first time in drags at a ball realness, singing his heart & soul out about splashing inside of a girl he begging for back. Thats got to be the realest shit I ever fuckin heard in my life bro.

SisQó, The OG Sus Boy

SisQó, The OG Sus Boy

Ladies, imagine ya man who did you dirty makin sweet love to you, but all you hear is the jingling & jangling of his charm bracelet just flinging about making noise like a wind chime while he get in those vinegar strokes. That shouldn’t be off putting tho ladies, it should show you he a man with a soft side. A man in touch with his feelings and sensitivity who got the confidence to rock ladies accessories. Just imagine the synergy y’all could have with a man who you could swap eye brow rings with & buy each other charms on special occasions. Now thats romance, thats some beautiful shit right there.

I'm speechless

I’m speechless

People like to accredit Lil B to what the current state of sus boy fashion is right now with people like Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Jaden Smith and Kid Cudi to a certain extent. But SisQó was out here doin the absolute most with no regard for what anyone said, because he knew it was all for the fashions. There would be no Lil B without SisQó, please believe that. He was rockin leather outfits with a open shirt with the matching leather cowboy hats, he posed naked for the ladies and just over all did some brazy sus poses in general. But remember, when you go to judge this great man, keep in mind that Jesus may have walked on water, but SisQó walked on bitches….

The Greatest Thing I've Ever Witnessed in My Life.

The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed in My Life.

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