The Weeknd’s Been Wylin Out

A Malicious man

The Weeknd has been doing any & everything he wants & he’s getting out of control.

At first when I was introduced to this nigga I think “Oh wow, a mysterious r&b nigga, I fucks with mysterious r&b” & all his lyrics about doing a bunch of drugs & not caring about women feelings seemed pretty cool. Here I thought to myself “Wow, he seems like a great guy with music I relate to”, I was super wrong.

The first thing I saw the Weeknd do where I thought “Aight, this nigga might could possibly be wylin” was when he hopped on the Or Nah remix. Don’t get me it twisted, I LOVE THAT REMIX! The Weeknd on this though? The most grotesque verse I personally heard from him up to that time. The reason I fucked with the Weeknd off top is because his music was literally r&b for ain’t shit niggas. He made it cool to like r&b. THIS VERSE was obviously not for the real niggas out here, it’s soley for the bitches. I’ll give it to him though “Pussy so good had to save shit for later ” top 10 lines of 2014.

I mean, that’s cool though. You gotta make songs for the ladies right?

The Weeknd, The villian

Then this nigga hopped on the “drinks on us remix”. Off top, I couldn’t even imagine what this nigga could do to this beat, because Swae Lee & Future already put it in the coffin. Yet, I still gave his verse a listen. Man, I’m listening & grooving to this song, then it goes for a sharp turn where he says “If you ever talk about me when I’m not around, your girl will probably tell me when I put it in her mouth”. Like come on son, why we going there? I don’t make jokes about your girl Abel, thats fucked up son. I thought he was on my side, but it’s really like “i do all the drugs & get all the bitches…. including yo bitch nigga HAHA!” I feel like I’m being taunted.

Aside from that ya mans was getting back in my good graces. Out of nowhere he dropped two of the most fire songs of 2014 assisted with equally as fire videos; King Of The Fall & Often. So, you know ya boy is super hype! I’m thinking an album must be on the way! WRONG this nigga just did a damn fall tour son. I was livid I need full projects of music son.


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.01.12 PM

A mad man

He defied the odds of being a black man in american & actually got away with punching a cop in the face???


& Now this man is free promoting his new album making Michael Jackson-esque songs!(The song is TOO FIRE & HE LITERALLY GO UP IN FLAMES IN THE VIDEO)

How does a man bounce back like that?

How much more wylin does this man have left to do??


**** bonus****** this nigga go TOM CRUISE LIP SINGING HIS MUSIC


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