Rich with emotions Quan | Written by Uncle Trini

If you aren’t aware by now, Rich Homie Quan really believes in leaving his heart and soul in the booth. With every song he allows himself to croon on you feel the raw emotion leaking out through your preferred listening method. Quan is not one to hide his pain and past, he gives you pieces of his life in nearly every song.

When he first popped up on the scene people rushed to compare him to future, a comparison that still makes no sense to me. Instead of letting this cripple him he pushed forward and continued to make his own brand of music. Anytime you see that he’s involved with a song just know that you aren’t getting any half assery from that man. NOPE! He really means it when he says he “aint speaking nun but facts”.

So with that being said, I’m here today to list some songs of his I feel really give you an idea of the depth that is this man’s soul.

Water” – Rich Homie Quan (unreleased Rich Gang Track)

This song right here is something else. Tears are shed every time i think about how Rich Gang 2.0 really is over.  I cant even put into words the emotions I feel when it comes on. Allowing the keys provided by London to paint a perfect bed for him to lay on has he describes how “I made a lil money then I moved my momma. Yeah straight out the hood”. When the hook comes on you cant help but wanna sing “WAADAAAAAH” out as loud as you can. Simple and Catchy is his motto.

Come and Go” – Rich Homie Quan from the mixtape “I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In

“A real killa, he gone kill you and wont tell a sooooooul” another song that showcases Quan’s affinity for allowing himself to become one with the melody as he warbles about things that aren’t permanent in his life. “You’re like a bad habit, I need something new to do”

I Might” Ft. Rich Homie Quan – Young Jeezy from the mixtape “Gangsta Party

This song really is what it sounds like when a thug cries. Jeezy and Drama were right to start Gangsta Party with this track.The shit is so damn fire. In all honesty this is really Quan’s song considering how he completely stole the show. The bridge and crooning at the end really bring me to a better time in life.

Differences” – Rich Homie Quan from the mixtape “Still Goin In”

This right here was one of the first songs I heard from Quan. A main reason i never understood the future comparison. Here we have Quan doing his best to let you know that you and him could never be the same. He’s not really outright singing but you can still feel the full range of his pain on this track.

I Get” – Rich Homie Quan from the ep “Summer Sampler” 

Another one where he bares it all over some crisp trap shit. Quan doesnt hold back as he talks about his feelings and dealing with not being around for his kids or his family. This man knows we listen for the ignorant trap shit we love but still lets us know its cool to flex and finesse while you cope with daily stress.

Rich Homie Quan doesnt “let” the song cry, he makes it.


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