21 Savage aka Your favorite rapper’s worst nightmare (and probably also your’s as well) | Written by Uncle Trini

Ok first of all niggas been getting robbed since the beginning of time when Eve robbed Adam of the good life he had going on in the garden of Eden. With that being said robbing niggas ain’t nothing new out here, but it takes a certain caliber of nigga to rob someone and not be looked at as the wrong one in the situation. That’s where the savior of Grimy nigga rap, 21 Savage comes into play.

cover (2)

This cover alone lets you know 21 is not to be messed with.

Truthfully speaking 21 savage is not gonna wow u with his lyricism (or lack thereof) but he will wow you with the vivid pictures he paints of cooking dope and robbin’ folk. This man is all about sex, money, and murder.

21 savage was first brought to my attention when he put out “The Slaughter Tape” back in May. I’ve got to give props to the legend Bootymath for tweeting about him because that made me go and download the project.  If you havent already, go get that joint pronto! He then went on to collab with Sonny Digital for the fire that is the “Free Guwop EP“. I have to say it was a smart move to pay homage to Mr Kick A Do with nothing but flame songs about not being someone anyone should trust.

With this influx of “Street” rappers bragging about “Running off” with the pack taking over the Trap scene again, I have to say 21 Savage might be one of the only ones talking about it that i truly believe. The Migos talk about “finessing the plug” and running up in houses every chance they get but lets be real here. They look like the only time they every stole from someone was grabbing quarters out their mom purse to go to the store. 21 on the other hand looks like he would rob you of everything you possessed in this world, hopes and dreams included.

Sure dabbing is cool and all, but dabbing while listening to someone rap about scraping the pot then robbing the whole block is way better. That element was missing from the trap game. This aint no guiseppe stepping music right here, Its nothing but pure ski mask trap rap. The trap game was slowly turning into a fashion show and 21 is here to steer it back on course.

With Ola Playa and Gucci locked up and Young Scooter doing whatever it is he’s doing at the moment, Its refreshing to hear about people getting double crossed by someone you wouldnt want to run across in the streets. Thank you 21 for all of your work.


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