Fuck With Nasty Dave | Words by @StacksBreadup

What’s hatnin y’all? It’s ya boy Stacks back again with a new post. Now I know I been slacking on the posts and whatnot, but listen I’m cooking up some things (YO Y’ALL GOT THIS NIGGA COOKIN? YO WHO IS THIS NIGGA?), stay tuned. Anyway, I ain’t gon make this a long one I’m just here to get y’all hip to Nasty Dave. He dropped a new track recently, R W M ft. T JOD€CI (Get hip to him too if you not already). A regular degular music critic would call it R&B, but Nasty Dave has created his own genre, Durag Classics. If this not some wavy shit you can apply ya Sportin Waves, brush ya hair while you Milly Rock, & tie ya durag and get ready for a good nights sleep to, I don’t know what is. First time I listened, I broke out my durag and was halfway done tying until I realized, I’m #TeamNatural now and I was wylin.

Ima be a lightskin Brazilian left back by 2017. #TeamNatural

Ima be a lightskin Brazilian left back by 2017. #TeamNatural

Anyway, we here for the music, lets get back. This song got all you need: copious amounts of autotune, great production, and hood niggas sanging. With Nasty Dave on the production, Nasty Dave & T JOD€CI harmonizing beautifully on the hook, & TJ(T JOD€CI) laying down a heartfelt verse, what more could you want?

TJ just want the girl he been eyeing to ride with him and join the winning team, and he has the formula. It’s a shame this joint ain’t come out earlier because this is really spring/summer cruising music. You know the shorty with the big ol booty that just moved in on ya block this summer? Pull up in the whip blasting this and if she don’t let you take her to McDonald’s for a Dollar Menu splurge…drive up the block and pull up to the shorty with the tig ol bitties that’s been in ya hood from time and gets #Kinky with the McNuggets.

Ooohweee This shit #Kinky

Ooohweee This shit #Kinky

Aight so, y’all know what it is. Hit the play button below and listen to the smooth sensual sounds:

**Also, please I implore y’all to practice safe durag tying. Don’t tie it too tight and cut off brain circulation, but you don’t want it too loose and have ya shit end up on the floor. Waking up to a lost durag really fucks up your entire day, not to mention the feeling of neglect you feel to your waves.**

I’m not gonna end this post on a sour note so here’s a pic of Rihanna.

I love her.

I love her.

R W M ft. JOD€CI

~ Dondré a.k.a. Stacks Breadup


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