Emergence of Evil: Chris Brown’s Transformation | Written by @quisxsweat

introducing: evil breezy

introducing: evil breezy

‘you remind me of my jeep’r.kelly
‘you remind me of my bimmer’ tyler the creator
‘you remind me of something, i don’t know what is it right now…’chris brown

what is there to say about chris brown that hasn’t been said countless times before? straying away from the typical breezy blogpost discussing his past with rihanna and terrible choices made, let us focus on his actual character transition. chris brown has made a complete lifestyle switch not many people see outside of movies and cartoons. c(k) breezy has gone from teen radio sensation your little sister loved, to r&b antihero people may look at you funny for listening to. who saw it coming? if you told me in 2008 that in 7 years chris brown would make a full heel turn into a dancing blood in a 6 panel, i’d report you as spam. that don’t make sense man, the lightskin kid that made run it? when i was growing up, chris brown used to be dancing on the basketball courts in timberlands tryna get a girl’s attention. NOW this nigga tatted up, dancing in funhouses talking bout “all i wanna do is drink and fuck”.

how you go from asking how you’re supposed to breathe with no air, to these hoes ain’t loyal?

the chris brown we once knew

r&b boy wonder

psychedelic horror director

psychedelic horror director

it’s a huge contrast, which should be expected to an extent, but the strange part is that it’s catchier and more enjoyable than before. i never remember liking chris brown’s teen clean music the way i like his music now. while of course artists are supposed to mature as they get older, chris’s feels more like a metamorphosis. the entire atmosphere of the music is different, making the change felt so sudden. what he puts in these sound frequencies I cannot fully discuss, but how they stay with you long after the song is over is without a doubt due to some sort of wicked methods. how am I in church humming “all my bitches got real hair chilling with the top down” during worship? why does “HE AIN’T FLYYYYYY DOE, HE DON’T EEM DRIIIIIIVE DOE” echo in the back of my head for the rest of the day after only hearing it once? it’s hard to digest, but we must realize the chris brown we once knew is working with the dark arts.

powered up off that sin

powered up off that sin


yin yang

the great r&b war for rihanna: hate-notes passed, bottles thrown, interview disses, neither get rihanna

ocean breez

chris brown sent goons after frank ocean in LA and later in the year fought him over a parking spot. anyone dedicated to inflicting pain on the man who gave us “thinking bout you” is a deeply troubled and dangerous individual.



gastly in human form

though it’s hard to exactly pinpoint when exactly chris become fully corrupted, it was well after that michael jackson shit and definitely after the move to LA. there are speculations that chris first dying his hair blonde was a sign of the successful initiation into degeneracy, though sources are contradicting. from what we know however,the emergence of evil breezy has given the world classic material. the real question being, at what cost? is the soul of this man capable of taking all the hate? are we watching a downward spiral or an immoral uprise? we can only wonder…

is it all worth it?

is it all worth it?



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