So Little Pain the thug, aka rap games warren sap, aka Sobbin Williams, been on a mini rampage as of recent. As part of his #ThugThursday Releases he decided to let Thugs World go this past Thursday featuring Kirbagloop and produced by SoundBoi, you can stream that bad boy here :

Now Its the usual tellings of his emotional struggles and the gangster filled tear drop, but this sad seminar came just in time for Halloween. As the piano starts to drift in, the atmosphere to this world is slowly formed. I’m imagining myself entering this Dimension pain has concocted so Let me paint this real vivid picture for u real quick son.

Open scene of a castle, real Dracula esc. Dilapidated, gloomy, scary type shit.


Thug Manor

Its a real stormy night, like 3am, thottin hours thottin vibes, and the gate to the castle that reads “Thug Manor” opens up. We zoom into Little Pain in his lab coat in the laboratory whippin up some type of experiment.

Camera pans around Pain and shows and operating table. Hes tryna build the perfect sad bitch on some ms frankenstein shit. Shes missing like a leg, two fingers and an eye. He’s fashioned in his lab coat and durag of course, nice silk materials glistenin in the lightening. He got too sad gothic brides crying around the lab hoping this new gothic bitch he whippin up wont take their spot.

Pain and his Gothic Brides

Pain and his Gothic Brides

Turn the camera u see Kirbagloop (having trouble pronouncing this) playing the part of his Egor. Now i say this because when Kirbagloop starts rapping is when the tone of the record sets itself in stone. Idk if thats son real voice, but he sound like he belongs in his bizarre depressed drugged out world, Pain dwells in as a little minion who’s also a lovable oaf, but real creepy lookin, prolly like one big eye that always looks to the left, 4 teeth and a hunchback.

This Nigga Ugly

This Nigga Ugly

Suttin like him.

Yall seeing it yet?

Alright good.

Now Egor is just in the lab just fucking shit up per usual because hes a just a cluts, and Pain chasing him around w/ a stick causing all types hygincs and havoc. Egor/kirbagloop brings in a jar with an eyeball and a spare leg over to the operating table. Pain hits the switch to try and bring his sad bitch to life. Lightening, tears and electricity flying everywhere. Hes happy for the first time in his life. He turns and lets out a evil laugh so hard his shoulders jump up down. That’s how you know son was really getting a genuine laugh off.


But to no to avail. The sad bitch to be doesn’t come alive. Him and his sad brides weep all dramatically, fallin to their knees and screaming to the sky. He weeps over the body. He throws a container at Egor in a fit of rage. Egor dodges and scurries off into the castle screaming “masterrrrr please!!” He pulls off his durag in defeat. The silk strings flutter to the floor. The camera doesn’t show us what his head really looks like on sum Masterchief in Halo (1-to like 8) shit.

He looks up and his new ms Frankenstein/sad gotchic/Dracula bride creation is looking back at him, and hands him his durag. “Your alive?” He says. She replies with a single tear drop. Everyone drops to the ground dramatically and cries again.

Cry on Pain, Cry on

Cry on Pain, Cry on


Someone tell Pain holla at me for a directing role.

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