Get familiar with @hughrackman | Written by @uncletrini

First off i wanna say I’m glad this nigga finally put some solo shit out!. Lou has been working on his craft for a minute and he’s pretty damn good at what he does. A member of the Tri-State area collective, Tribe Gvng, Lou has been giving all the other members some damn good quality verses on their solo projects as well as the group efforts. It was news to me that he even dropped the video (work been keeping me out the loop as much as i want to be in it) but I’m glad I got familiar when i did.

This video is for the first single(i guess) off his ep “Humaniac” (coming soon I hope cuz he’s been working on it for a good minute now). Its not some Grand Scale Ass video and that’s because it doesn’t need to be. Its a perfect little glimpse into the mind of The Humaniac. Shit is trippy as hell in all honesty. You get this chilling vibe as the video starts with Lou laid out on the concrete. The raps are there(as usual), the visual is the drink to wash the meal down and leave u satisfied.