Ramriddlz Is A Wordsmith

You ever say something & it comes across a bit too strong? You ever ask shorty “When you gon suck me up?” and she gets offended? Even when you both know that’s what she wants to do?

Ramriddlz is a man who’s devised a way to ask for fellatio in a more poetic way.

Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 3.05.36 PM

A Man That Has A Way With Words

Next time you tryna some kneck, don’t say:

“I only want the top, I ain’t tryna pipe!” – Lil Reese

Hit her with the more gentle:

“Are your running top tonight? I don’t want your body, I just want a piece of mind.” – Ramriddlz

With romantic lines like “Just lick the tip like licorice”, “Monica play harmonica, she blow better” & “Those two lips like tulips” there’s no way shorty gon front on throwing you that special kneck you deserve.

go ahead & stream that soundtrack for your next suck up right here:


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