Raury Swindled Me

I do not listen to Raury. I listened to him for the first time over a year ago & I just wasn’t Impressed. Yet today, he has tricked me into listening to a song off his album with the cheapest game in fucking the book. Using a feature from a rapper I already fuck with; Key!.


A Fraud

Being that I fuck with Key! I’m ready to see what this track hitting fo’. I click the video & Raury flowing and what not. It ain’t half bad, but it’s not the fucking reason I’m here. Throughout the song Key! has some backing vocals & is dancing in the back in a ridiculous ass cowboy hat, that’s cool but where the fuck is the verse?!

After Raury’s second verse comes to an end I’m fed up! So I click to skip to Key!’s part & I realize there’s like 15 secs left for the video.



For orchestrating this fucking nonsense.

Maybe one of y’all motherfuckers like Raury & would appreciate this, but I’m fed up with the false promises.


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