This a post I been kinda thinking on for a min. I thought “why do this? no one’s gonna care”, but fuck if niggas care ima do what I want this my blog my nigga.

You may be confused as to who TYuS is and what the fuck he has to do with PARTYNEXTDOOR. I’m gonna break it down as simply as possible.

TYuS is a PARTYNEXTDOOR wannabe.


PND & PND jr.

TYuS wanna be PARTYNEXTDOOR sooo bad it’s almost pathetic man. The first time I came across TYuS music was when someone “mysteriously” uploaded his music saying it was PND. I honestly think he did it man. An ep by the name of “Ferina Forever” dropped. I heard it and the shit was actually fire. When it came to light that it wasn’t PND I was immediately confused. I kid you not the shit sounds JUST LIKE HIM. Don’t believe me? listen to this and tell me it don’t sound like Jahron :

This nigga literally studied PND so much that he could become him. Usually a nigga will steal a melody or two, but this cat’s whole existence mirrors PND to the t.

He copies his photo aesthetic :


Buddy even tweets exactly like him :



We’ve even come across evidence proving the mirror moves young Ty has done to establish himself as the true FrolicDownTheWay, this is from his old youtube account favorites

5YfN3MUt.jpg large

One can only imagine Ty’s OVO gpa after studying the Sauga city native for so long. But alas, his sound has developed and he has incorporated new influence into his character. Instead of maintaining his knock off festivities two doors down, Ty has absorbed much of another Canadian soon-to-be legend, Tory Lanez. This is exemplified in his new, highly popular song “City Of The Rose”.

While Tyus may very well be Cory Roadz at this point, one thing is for certain: the kid is good at what he does. Everyone must start somewhere and while he may be a clone, at least he is a productive and hardworking clone. It’s simple to copy, but the effort and time he has put into his music and overall development as an artist most definitely shows and if he can use his talent for good, he may be the next big thing. Or he may just steal from the next big thing before they reach their destiny. Either way, you will hear his name a lot more in the upcoming year.


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