I Guess I Don’t Hate Post Malone No Mo

I’m a hater. Hating > Showing love is a fact of life, but obviously that doesn’t matter anymore because i’m thru with hating on this young man Post Malone.

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Posty Shot by @Interspectacula

The reasons I wasn’t really fucking with Post Malone was cus this cat got big off a wild mediocre song. I truly don’t get what’s so amazing about white iverson.. at all.. not one bit. (also I still lowkey think he’s doing 2016 blackface, but I’m not gonna go into that) Needless to say he’s proven that he’s capable of more.

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Best Rap Robberies by @yourboy4riend


In what has been an already huge 2015 and even bigger 2016, this past year was filled with new releases, videos, apps and additionally, robberies. Shy Glizzy got stuck up, Lil Mister from Chiraq, they even caught Steve Francis slipping smh. but what are the most notable robberies in recent history? which instances do you think of when you think of theft in hip hop?

DJ Nate v. Man On Bike

If you’ve never heard of him before, DJ Nate is an artist in Chicago known mainly for his footwork production and his party songs such as ‘Gucci Gogglez’ or r&b songs like ‘What A Night’. In contrast to the drill scene, DJ makes a more fun, turn-up style of music without weapons and gunshot onomatopoeia.

You can tell by just 8 or so seconds in that Nate seems like a personable dude. Not many rappers show love to random people in the street, even if its on film you’re still inhabiting one of America’s murder capitols where police and lotion are nowhere to be found. but 13 seconds or so in, Nate realizes why most rappers don’t show love to random niggas on bikes. I don’t enjoy watching the video myself, seeing as Nate had no way/point to fight back but note the complete lack of empathy and human compassion that this citizen shows Flexxbabii Bakaman (yes I swear DJ Nate calls himself that) (on god, look it up) How you gon sneak a man when he’s not looking and then hit him with straight Dragonball Z jabs while making him give you his belt? The winter cold must deteriorate those young nigga’s hearts out there. Alas, I can only wonder where the help was from the camera-man and those various people around asking if that was DJ Nate getting fucked up in front of them

2Chainz v. His Previous Mile Time

The burden that 2Chainz must carry on his shoulders everyday has to be too much for even him sometimes. In his rebranding, he not only changed character, but added an extra stipulation to everyday life. Once you go from being Tity Boi to 2Chainz, everything has to change. Tity Boi was somewhat ambiguous, the meanings behind that name could span across the table. When your name is fucking 2 Chains, the rules are set and straightforward. You must wear 2chainz, there isn’t a choice anymore in the matter. Wearing no chains could be potential suicide and/or existential crisis. So it’s only fair to assume that he is a large target wherever he goes and this footage only confirms it, niggas are popping up out the manholes like TMNT. You see how that nigga just entered the frame like that? Like he had been waiting for this moment his entire life smh this was in San Fransisco too, I can only imagine how crazier this situation would have been in Oakland or Richmond. The instant reaction and dash by 2chainz is what makes the video spectacular though, that nigga was OUT! brah was weaving through cars and maneuvering, you woulda thought he was Nick Van Exel until he fell smh. Also worth noting: word on the street was True Religion started making joggers right after this footage was released


2Chainz in his natural fur

Travis Scott v. Swae Lee

I don’t care what the video looks like, how catchy the song is or what you say have to say, this was a true act of plagiarism down to the very core. I’m not gonna lie, the first time I heard Swae Lee I thought it was Dej Loaf but after a few plays it really grows on you. Apart from the catchiness, you can really hear how much fun Rae Sremmurd have recording their verses and adlibs. So it only makes sense that others would try and shift towards the type of music winning at the moment, but when Antidote dropped it felt a lot more like cosplay than inspiration. How an artist can naturally go from making songs where they’re growling in autotune patois to suddenly making a track where they’re fake singing in the highest pitch their voice can go is beyond my comprehension. Especially when they have a past history of waveriding. Truthfully, I have no negative words to contribute about Travis Scott that haven’t been said in better ways by more knowledgeable people, but the fact that even Mike Wil himself called Travis out says more than we need.


Lit Lit Lit, Bit Like Shit


J Money v. Yung LA

Even if you weren’t following the Atlanta music scene at the time, this J Money interview speaks levels above music. In short, J Money, also known as J Futuristic, was angry that another Atlanta rapper Yung LA was stealing his swag. J Money (who presumably hasn’t smoked mid in 16 years) calls him out on taking his catchphrases, flow and even style of demeanor. While his claims are most times factual (Yung LA’s earlier music was nothing like it was after meeting J Money) the best part of the video is watching J Money plead with the camera to free his swag and describe his level of futurism to the fans and the kids.


J Money & Yung LA have since rekindled their futuristic friendship

Yung Berg v. The World


Young Berg’s Chain: The original STD

Yung Berg, known for his songs ‘Hey Sexy Lady’ and ‘The Business’, was known more as philanthropist than an artist, as after his initial robbery by Trick Trick’s people he soon supplied the hip hop world with a community chain that everyone could share. His Transformer chain became a must have item in hip hop and was seen on everyone from Soulja Boy to the random kid from Montana who added you on Myspace. This wasn’t his first robbery either, Yung Berg got stuck up yet again overseas for his Batman chain by british hooligan Rowdy-T who not only called him out afterwards on video, but exposed him for fronting on live radio and getting the FBI involved.

There is so much more to say about these incidents, but after the heights of embarrassment Berg has seen in his career, I refuse to comment more on the subject. I can only sum up his impact on hip hop visually

– @yourboy4riend