My Swagger? by StacksBreadup

So many questions float through my head on the daily. “Why God had to take Speaker Knockerz?” “Who mans is this?” “Why would you tweet this dumb shit?” “I’m pussy?” “What went thru Lil Mama head before we saw her posed up next to Jay and Alicia Keys at the VMAs?” “How’s Lil B doing?” Etc. The question I find myself revisiting the most though, is “WHY DOES JOHNNY CINCO GO SO FUCKING HARD?”

This is the demeanor of a man who knows how fire his music is.

I don’t look forward to much, I like to let life surprise me. However, I been anticipating Cinco 2 since I was born. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How can he say that when he started listening to John Five last year?” Honestly, my answer to that is, fuck you bitch, stop bringing up old shit. Fucking dork.

A nigga call you fake, you gotta brandish dem dicks let him know you don’t take defamation of bharacter lightly.

You would feel as strongly as I do about Giovanni Cinque if you listened to “My Swagger”. The song is lean, shrooms, weed and xan all rolled into one merry melody. The song isn’t about much lyrically, typical rapper shit – staying fly, getting money, fucking – but we not here for the lyrics, we here for the beat and for how well Johnny fuses with the beat. The best thing about Johnny is how creative he gets with these songs. Sometimes producers give the same beats to different artists, and one artist plays to the production and the other flounders. If you gave out some of these Cinco beats to other rappers, few would be able to create a more fun, enjoyable, and overall great track. Cinco makes the production his.

If you wanna create a true hoverboard, harness the energy emanating from the booth as Johnny records. I guarantee he’s levitating the entire time. It’s the only explanation for why one man can float on a track so effortlessly. Of course, the background vocals provided by him take the track to another level, but the best part is at the end of the song when he fully dedicated himself to hitting them notes as the beat fades. You know he came out the booth and collapsed like Jordan after his dad died.

 Cinco came out the booth and took a lean bath to recuperate.

This not a song you dab to or run off on the plug. You gotta bring back blassic ATL snap dances for this. Lean Wit’ It, Yung Joc Motorcycle dance,  Stanky Leg, but most importantly, this song was made to Super Soak that hoe.

Bonus points if you can swag out like Lil Mouse.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, enjoy this fucking track and peep that outrageous ad-lib Johnny flexes at 1:53. Man goes from surprise to bewilderment to joy in milliseconds.

– Stackz Dollaz