@RaeSremmurd – ‘Look Alive’ Saved My Thursday: Words By @AkeemSumthing

Yo I’ma come clean, My second all time favorite basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant got out the paint last night, retired with 60 points & I was sad as shit bruh.



Your Favorite ball player wasn’t jail posing this great back then my G


I say was cause I hop on Twitter at least a half an hour ago to find out Rae Sremmurd just dropped a new fucking track! AND ITS FIRE!!! On a Thursday! Direct deposit hitting Thursday! I got so much love for my SremmLife album of the year article (https://thisisadamnblog.com/2015/07/08/why-sremmlife-is-album-of-the-year-thus-far-words-by-akeemsumthing/) that I felt it was only right to inform my fellow non old heads with this great fucking news. I ain’t even gonna hit y’all with anymore unneeded info, Shout out to the God Zane Lowe for premiering this masterpiece. Go call ya barber, get a line up, hit the liquor store, Hennessy on ice, smoke something & enjoy.