Where The PARTY At? An Investigation by @StacksNoBread

2013. A simpler time. Back when Barack Obama had just started his second term in office. Instagram baddies hadn’t begun selling FitTea, just asking us if we were ready to “#WakeUpNow”. We hadn’t yet begun to communicate exclusively in memes and reaction pictures, they were just an added cherry on top of a funny conversation. Also, it was the year Jahron Anthony Braithwaite aka PARTYNEXTDOOR broke out into the contemporary R&B scene. If you had asked me back then, I would have said to you that he was poised to take over for the foreseeable future. But now it’s 2017 and it’s all fucked up. We got a thicc ass sentient carrot as President. Your favorite Instagram model probably already been nipped, tucked to Bolivian and selling diarrhea teas. The English language has evolved (devolved?) into a combination of whatever keys the Apple iPhone English and Emoji keyboards provide, refried memes, and dead Vines. Most importantly, the OVO Sweatshop has claimed another career and that’s why I’m writing you today. Join me, as I examine and ultimately try to answer: “Where the PARTY At?”

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