Prince Dre Look Wild Scary

Nigga got like a million teeth, but I prolly wouldn’t say that to his face cus this nigga def look like he bout the shit he rapping.


this nigga ugly

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Raury Swindled Me

I do not listen to Raury. I listened to him for the first time over a year ago & I just wasn’t Impressed. Yet today, he has tricked me into listening to a song off his album with the cheapest game in fucking the book. Using a feature from a rapper I already fuck with; Key!.


A Fraud

Being that I fuck with Key! I’m ready to see what this track hitting fo’. I click the video & Raury flowing and what not. It ain’t half bad, but it’s not the fucking reason I’m here. Throughout the song Key! has some backing vocals & is dancing in the back in a ridiculous ass cowboy hat, that’s cool but where the fuck is the verse?!

After Raury’s second verse comes to an end I’m fed up! So I click to skip to Key!’s part & I realize there’s like 15 secs left for the video.



For orchestrating this fucking nonsense.

Maybe one of y’all motherfuckers like Raury & would appreciate this, but I’m fed up with the false promises.

I Do What I Want

I was tryna think of a good reason to post this song on my blog, but I deadass don’t need a reason. This MY blog, I do what I want.


The Artisan That Crafted This Masterpiece

All day man “Fuck a runna, run it up” been in my head so i’m just tryna put it in y’all head too cus this shit is flames!

So fuck a worker, be a boss!

& fuck a runna run it up!

I Fucking Hate school bruh

This ain’t gonna be one of my long posts dissecting shit & whatnot. This a simple post to get my point acrosss.


If you personally know me son you’d know I hate school man. I dropped out a while back & I dread the idea of going back, but ima go…smh ima go. Whenever I think about school “I fucking hate school” is the first idea that pops in my head man. My niggas will be like “I got finals next week” or my brother will be like ” I gotta study” & i’ll just reply “nigga fuck school!”

There’s a young man by the name of Masego who shares the hate for school so much he made a song about it.



A nigga who hate school just like me


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